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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Sixth Sense

For some, the thought makes them gag however I'm much like the kid in the film 'The Sixth Sense'...not so much in that I see dead people, I simply like wearing their clothes.

It's a real treat for me to hit the road on a Vintage/Retro mission. The hunter in me comes to life! So with my eye firmly fixed on a prize and armed only with a pocket full of dollar bills and a heart full of hope, I search. You see, 'classics' are not often encountered so to find something that I love AND that fits me?...Well, therein lie both the thrill and the challenge and when it happens I experience pure joy.

You see, my chassis is a little bigger in comparison to my sisters from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Regardless, I push on like my Spartan forefathers, relentless in the pursuit of victory. For me, it's like the beginning of a crazy love affair...spotting something on the rack, pulling it out to get a full view, flipping the tag over to check the size and OH YES...SUCCESS! I pull it on, I spin about. Oh, to be loved! What a feeling!

So if you're up for a little Vintage/Retro shopping in Brisbane, here are some spots that have served me very well and should you stop in and take a look, I hope you find some of your very own love affairs...

La Bella Donna -

I have picked up some of my favourite old school classics here. Anna, the owner, is particularly friendly and has a knack of getting me to try things on that I wouldn't necessarily notice or choose to try however her 'surprise picks' generally look fabulous. She's pretty good like that.

Retro Metro - Given Tce, Paddington

I have rarely been disappointed here and picked up the most insanely cool (and much to my delight, never been worn) shoes in this little establishment however their wares are not limited to clothing, shoes and accessories. They also stock retro furniture and knick-knacks in their sister store just up the street (approx. 150 metres away) so be sure to check them both out.

Box Vintage - Vulture St, West End

Here you'll be greeted with garments blowing in the breeze, a suitcase filled with accessories and a sale rack to lure you in. Although they do stock some good pieces, I rarely find anything in my size. Nonetheless, it's worth a look...and yes, I live in hope that my time will come!

Retro Stop - 491a Lutwyche Rd, Lutwyche

This store offers a large amount of stock so ensure energy, concentration and hydration levels are high!

Happy shopping!

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