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Monday, 31 October 2011

Sweet Lord Baby Jesus! Take II

You may recall a few weeks back I threw on the Lycra (any excuse!) and joined the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation.

When I committed to this I had NO idea how positively it would impact my life.

Having just commenced week 8 of the program, I can happily report the physical, mental and emotional transformations are so overwhelmingly terrific that I've signed up for another round. Yep you heard me. More than just a 12 week liaison, this is a way of life. Booshaka!

Here are some things I've learned about myself and others whilst on the road to better health and well being.

On the first season of 'Under the Cover', Jackie Frank, Publisher and Editor of marie claire magazine posed a question to her team 'what's the favourite part of your body'? Not one of them could definitively give her an answer.

Well Jackie, I have one for you and I'll deliver it to you with the same Ron Burgundy-esque gusto when declaring his love for Veronica Corningstone - I love my decolletage and shoulders!! There, I said it! I have kick arse a good girdle, strong, supportive and sexy. Who knew?

In the past, I've allowed that little voice inside my head to talk me in and out of things...

'You can't run...what are you running from anyways? Here, come sit on the nice big couch and watch a movie. Oh, don't forget the giant bag of potato chips'.

'High impact cardio is not for you. Let Olivia Newton John get physical - you take 5'.

'Hey, when did rations become the rage? Surely that's not enough food for you? Pile it up lady!'

Yep - self sabotage. I, like many, have fallen victim to it for years however I've learned to recognise and eliminate it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely immune to it (yet). I simply choose not to dance with this devil in the pale moonlight any longer...Bye bye old friend.

If you're lucky enough not to be a self saboteur, never fear! There are truck loads of people that are happy to impart their expertise and wisdom upon you when given the opportunity.

'Don't lose too much weight'
'Probably not a good idea to exercise every day'
'Is that really enough food?'

Phew, it's such a relief knowing people care.

In fairness, I've likely participated in serving up some similar wisdom in the past. And for that, I openly apologise. I'm learning that these comments are more about how I (and others) feel about someone having taken the steps towards personal fulfillment.

These days, I remind myself of the importance of personal observation, education and action. All of us are on our own journey and are entitled to do it with love and encouragement.

So, I've hooked up 'self sabotage' and 'unneccesary opinion/judgement of myself and others' for a quiet tryst. Meanwhile, I'm better, faster, stronger in more ways than I believed possible and I confidently march forward to the beat of my own drum.

When next we meet, I can show you what I'm talking about through interpretive dance...until then, you stay classy San Diego!

Big love,

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