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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Resistance is futile...

My friend came around with her son yesterday.

He's an intelligent, talkative and curious young chap who likes nothing more than wandering around my house telling me how awesome his Dad is at everything whilst firing rounds of assorted questions with the speed and the precision of laser gun. 

Pew! Pew!

"Is that an old tennis racquet?", "Where is your TV?", "Why don't you paint the outside of your house?", "Why don't you rake the grass clippings?" and "Can I play with your cats?" are among the burning issues this kid simply MUST understand.

Yesterday's visit was filled with high frequency, piglet like squeals of delight when he discovered the tap in our bathroom is contained on the wall and completely unattached to a hand basin with no visible pipe. "Look at this Mum!"..."LOOK. AT. THIS!!!"

Ah, kids. It's the little things.

Truth is, I love it when he visits. Not just because he's a bodacious little man, it's also because he consistently reacquaints me with things I ignore or don't view as interesting or beautiful simply because it's my space and I'm immersed in it. He reminds me that aside from most households keeping tea towels in the third drawer down, our homes are unique because of our individual tastes. Things I might dismiss in those moments of "I wish my house was so amazing it graced the cover of Belle." You know the ones...

So I'm challenging myself (and encourage you to join me) to find the beauty and wonder in me and all that surrounds me consistently. And when I can't see it immediately, ask questions, scratch the surface...see if I can track it down.

At this stage, I answer most of my young friend's questions with flair and finesse but I know he's going to come at me (in fact he may be plotting some doozies for me as we speak) with some things I simply may not have the answers to. I don't know how I'll get through it but I do know this - when the going gets tough, I'm going to bust out MY big guns.

Cute-little-kitty-cats. Pew! Pew! Resistance is futile.

Loving you, loving me...TLT x

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