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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

You can't polish a turd...

"She said, he did, I can't, they've got..."
Ugh! It's exhausting putting on a show or striving for something that (when considered) we may not even want just for the sake of keeping up appearances. 
For the love of Gouda, let's stop it immediately.
Here's a fact for you; no one or thing is perfect. And that's OK, here's why - "You can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter." The moral of the story - we can make the best of what you've got.
I reckon we have a crack at saying thanks for what we've got and think about, really think about what we want. I vote for celebrating small gestures of kindness. Accepting the differences between and amongst us. Standing up for injustice. Rejoicing (quietly or with a big "Yahoo!") when we receive a compliment, a smile from a stranger, the fact that your index finger or your front tooth is ever so slightly crooked. Heck! There are dyslexic, best selling authors, blind musicians and limbless surfers. How's that for making the best of things?!
We all have feelings of inadequacy, envy, desire etc at sometime or another so fret not. Accept that it happens to the best of us and focus on the good stuff. Ignore the war between Intuition and Doubt for it is a wretched and tiresome battle between two masters of great will and determination. Neither will give unless you give them permission to do so. When one retires from the battle, the other is left without an opponent and alas, it's game over.
I face my doubts daily through the written word. I write my stories without a clue as to who's reading them, whether they're enjoying them and if they're in any way inspired by them. I write them because it brings me joy, in the hope they bring joy to others and because I believe in what I'm saying. Sure it may not appeal to many. Truth is, I could stop tomorrow and perhaps not a single soul would care. On the other hand, perhaps one single soul would...
My intuition whispers "Do it!" my doubt counters with "Why bother?" So I focus on how I can serve. How I can impart something magical yet true into both my day and yours. For me, that's the heart of it and frankly, it's all that really matters.
Focus on the good stuff, stay true and here's to you tackling your own great heights. I'll be right here cheering for you.   
Loving you, loving me...TLT x



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